Why Become a SoWeStander?

Benefits of joining the So We Stand movement

1.                 Supporting each other to take the necessary action against (environmental, climate, racist) structural injustice – Our strength will come in understanding each other’s consequences and implications for taking action and supporting each other to do what is necessary to counteract these interconnected oppressions. Break the media image and dismantle the divisions that in the UK fighting climate change is predominantly a white issue and anti-racism is a preserve only for non-whites. The interconnections are our starting ground.

2.                 Learning to public intervene to creatively reframe the debate – We can value our creativity, our art, our histories of resistance and fundamentally our militant desire to achieve our dreams and see an end to this growing destruction. We know that building a movement that addresses inter-secting, crossover multi-issues of structural injustice will not happen overnight. Every conversation, every training and every issue we address through action and reflection together, will build towards our common goals. Training each other in media, facilitation, understanding each other’s concerns is one suggestion. Embodying an anti-oppression framework in our community organising which celebrates race, gender and class liberation and further challenges disenfranchisement will build the foundations in fighting for environmental justice too. We will defend ourselves against the inequalities of capitalism with the goal of eradicating all systems of oppression that capitalism feeds and needs.

3.                      Training as a popular educator and organiser- Dialogue without action will lead to a continuation of structural oppression but with further frustration as we will understand the issues at hand. Action without dialogue will lead to knee-jerk reactions and recreating the resistance experience which others have already learnt, and therefore perpetuate the status quo. Workshops can span exchanging resistance strategies and training in self defence online and on the streets. Specific requests to be facilitated by the training group are in developing i.e. anti oppressive frameworks, transformative and popular education facilitation techniques, which will develop a coherent training programme for the network. The training group will also organise more coordinated exchanges between communities experiencing environmental injustice to develop a culture of empowerment, support and resistance.

4.                        Being part of a movement locally and globally – we aim to build online methods of communication and distribute materials to assist in registering our diverse skills to engage in self-defence to protect social and ecological harmony. Call us and So We Stand will talk you through how to track down like minded people in your area, or get your existing friends discussing how they might want to take action. We support people to find their own way to creatively problem solve about issues of concern to them and will facilitate individual projects to create their own desires and demands around the issues they’re working on. We happily facilitate and welcome action in our name as long as there is dialogue and you are accountable and focus within our principles. If you feel that you or your community is facing a situation of environmental injustice and would like support in addressing this, then feel free to get in touch.