What does So We Stand do?

Communities: Where we are most active on the ground

Southall, London (info coming soon)

Govan, Glasgow (info coming soon)

Sighthill, Glasgow (info coming soon)

Broomhouse, Edinburgh (info coming soon)


Women, our environments and justice

We Are Mighty – A Community Book and Empowerment Programme

SWS North American Tour ‘A Healthy Neighborhood is a Radical Thing.’

Building Community Self-Defence

Climate Change-Poverty-Inequality Popular Education Programme

The War Without Bullets– Climate change, poverty and inequality radio show with Sunny Govan Radio

Mapping Environmental Justice/ Racism – London

SWS Summer School 2012/13 Intro to Social Justice Community Organising


Environmental Justice Photo Project

Black Gold Injustice event series

Effective Action Against the Cuts workshop

World Education Forum Palestine workshop 2010

Spitalfields City Farm workshop 2009

Climate Camp workshop 2009


Brandalism: – The Art of Self Defence’ – Street Art Activism for the masses

PEDAL: 100 Days to Palestine

If you’d like to find out more about a specific project, please email sowestand@gmail.com with the project title in the Subject line.

And if you’d like to contribute your time to producing a more regular eNewsletter, please get in touch with one paragraph (guideline 300 words) each on:

1 – Your background in community organising, whats going on in your community and how you became interested in working with So We Stand,
2 – What excites/inspires you about the role and project you’re wanting to get involved with and how you see yourself influencing and shaping it,
3 – What the most important aspect of anti-oppression organising is for you, and how you demonstrate that in your own practice.
Then email sowestand@gmail.com with “eNews Editor” in the Subject line.