Current Projects

Much of our current organising is for Climate Justice. Our vision is to alleviate the unequal burdens created by climate change on the poor and communities of colour. Like environmental justice, climate justice is about the fair treatment of all people and freedom from discrimination and requires action that addresses equality and accessibility. We facilitate projects that address the root causes of climate change and the systems that perpetuate discrimination. Other current projects include fighting the cuts, working against discrimination, and creating opportunities for dialogue and learning.

LONDON: Building an inter-racial, direct action movement for climate justice.
We are connecting climate and environmental activists with anti racist activists to build a united movement for change. We are asking the necessary questions: how can we build an inter-cultural movement for environmental justice which addresses class, race and gender inequalities? What ideas for action do we have regarding affirmative and empowering action on the disproportionate affect of High Emission Industries on the Black Community? To become a force for change?

SCOTLAND: In areas affected by different aspects of the carbon heavy industry production line. Through working with communities striving for environmental and economic justice across the central belt, we want to stage a series of radical, creative, public interventions at sites of climate justice contention. These large scale creative actions will coincide and be linked by a day-long bus tour, from one intervention to the next. The Bus of Resistance will be a celebratory journey symbolically linking oppressed communities in acts of creative resistance. It will be a day to remember.

Background: Radical environmental justice activists and grassroots groups struggling against the issues of poverty and racism have in common their work in exposing the structural nature of these issues and their belief in the need for social change in order to address the root causes. However, despite these commonalities, there is rarely a dialogue between these groups, nor a recognition of the strength of uniting in action. Airport extensions, the increase in high emission activity, the open cast coal mines, and the proposed welfare reform bill affect all of us but people living in poverty and affected by oppression are the most vulnerable. As these moves intensify, anti-poverty and environmental justice campaigners, who normally work independently, are coming together to expose the links between poverty, racism, welfare reform and climate change. Our aim is to unite and develop more effective ways of campaigning, to mobilize and act together to address the most pressing challenges facing our planet and this generation.

Upcoming workshops, events and actions include: (click on the event for more information)

  1. Environmental Justice Photo Project

  2. Black Gold Injustice: A Permanent Condition? Environmental Racism
  3. Effective Action Against the Cuts – So We Stand Action Planning & Training
  4. Building the Movement for Climate Justice
  5. Cathy McCormack Environmental Justice Radio Show on Sunny Govan FM
  6. World Education Forum Palestine
  7. Mapping Environmental Justice
  8. Women, Our Environments and Justice


Past projects:


Workshop at Climate Camp 2009