Bus of Resistance & The Gathering on the Flightpath


Focus on the carbon heavy industry production line, Scotland.

Through working with communities striving for environmental and economic justice across the central belt, we are working towards a series of radical, creative, public interventions at sites of climate justice contention.  These large scale creative actions will coincide and be linked by a day-long bus tour, from one intervention to the next. The Bus of Resistance will be a celebratory journey symbolically linking oppressed communities in acts of creative resistance.  It will be a day to remember.

‘The Gathering on the Flightpath’ is a series of events in the run up to the bus of resistance. It is planned for the central belt of Scotland, and will provide a unique opportunity for both the older and new generation of campaigning activist, organisations and the people directly affected by poverty and pollution to learn and benefit from each others’ experience and expertise. This is a popular education series designed to enable the creation of a tool kit for action. It is also designed to be fun by celebrating resistance through creative culture. The aim is to explore what worked in the past and plan for the future by looking at the current role of direct action, arts and cultural work, research and popular education within the movement.