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UK Poetry Slam Champion Dizraeli took to the stage on Friday 25 March in a fundraising event for the PEDAL project that will see a group of Manchester cyclists embark on a journey of solidarity across Europe to the Middle East. He was joined by other celebrated hip-hop acts including DJ Downlow and virtuouso beatboxer Wireless at Islington Mill in Salford.The rapper and poet, who rose to prominence in 2007 as the Farrago UK Slam Poetry Champion and for dazzling performances on BBC Radio 4, is renowned for his inimitable story-telling which blends a gritty vision of British life and culture with political insight and wit. In his observational style he shies away from no subject matter – tackling everything from supermarkets and masculinity to drug culture and love.

Organised by Manchester-based DJ and musician collective Mind on Fire, the night raised money for PEDAL: 100 Days To Palestine as they embark on an epic journey across Europe – by bicycle. The group – which includes around 15 community organisers, artists and food growers from all over the UK – are cycling across Europe to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israeli state oppression.

But their journey is not just limited to highlighting injustices and oppression in Israel-Palestine; along the route they intend to show the link between environmental and social justice and how people across the region are finding creative ways to reclaim their lives. To this end they will visit communities of resistance on the road with whom they will share stories, skills and strategies of resistance from London to Jerusalem.

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PEDAL launch Tuesday March 15th 6.30pm

Please Pass to relevant people and lists – FREE Event – Please RSVP as only 50 spaces – please state if you need travel expenses

Crossroads Women’s Centre on Caversham Rd, Kentish Town, North London

How can we begin to understand the complex struggle in Israel and Palestine? How does racism, justice, equality and our right to protest in the UK relate to the revolutionary spirit growing in the Middle East?

Popular Resistance Movements

Environmental Justice

Direct Action on B.D.S.

Art & Culture

Linking Stories of Struggle

P.E.D.A.L. is a group of community organisers, artists, food growers and cyclists planning to cycle from London to Palestine in 100 days in Spring 2011.

6.30pm – Hear speakers inc. Mortaza Sahibzada the managing editor of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) eBook Series ( and Naomi Wimborne Idrisssi the Secretary of of Jews for boycotting Israeli goods, people actively challenging land exploitation, Wimmin of colour, anti-zionist Jewish organisers, Muslim representatives, cycle historians and freedom fighters for environmental and social justice. Presentations will include stories of struggle and hope in the UK and how they see this relating to the struggle in Palestine.

7.30pm – Discussion how we in the UK can support the struggle in the Middle East for equality and dignity. What the spread of revolutionary spirit from London to Palestine means for us, personally and politically. Facilitated using popular education interactive methods – meaning education of and by the people.
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P.E.D.A.L. begins its journey at Grow Heathrow in Sipson for two days of workshops on art & permaculture, environmental justice, storytelling, and discussions with Palestinian and Israeli activists on the 19th and 20th of March.
The living, breathing, cycling tool-kit leaves for the West Bank on the 21st of March to support the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement, and share stories, skills and strategies for resistance from the UK to Palestine.

The bicycle caravan will be cycling in solidarity with Palestinian and Israeli popular resistance movements- responding to the call-out from Palestinian civil society in 2005 to support the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign.  The ride will trace a trail of corporations complicit in the occupation, pollinate information about the campaign and support activists on trial for BDS actions.

The group will join the dots of counter-cultures resisting injustice through Europe to the Middle East sharing stories, skills and strategies of resistance to create a cultural document for those working to end the illegal Occupation and the wider Global Justice movement.

P.E.D.A.L. will focus on environmental justice issues such as access to land, water and seeds- visiting Reclaim the Fields collectives through Europe and working with farmers in the West Bank to strengthen mutual networks for food autonomy.  We are also working with Stop the JNF campaign to expose the greenwashing of the JNF in maintaining Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land.
Video, photography, audio and theatre projects will make up a cultural document tracking the stories, experiences and ideas to build strong social movements that support each other in our struggles.

Our aim is to link and empower groups across our route implementing the concept of ‘dual power’; by building networks with groups who are involved in opposing oppression in Palestine as well as those creating new worlds and forms of organising in resistance to social and environmental injustice.

So We Stand ( So We Stand is a peoples movement for empowering social change building self defence strategies to better our lives and communities. We provide training, support, and solidarity to grassroots struggles for environmental, social and multi-racial justice. We engage with popular education to build a culture of creative action and self-determination connecting different local experiences of injustice to protect life.
The Crossroads Women’s Centre ( ) is a lively, welcoming, anti-sexist, anti-racist centre and home to a number of grassroots organisations which highlight the needs and concerns of women who are often overlooked.


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